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BrickHouse Gourmet Coffee opens in Primal at 725 Meeting Street

BrickHouse Gourmet Coffee and Tea Co. opened inside of the Primal Market, Monday in West Columbia’s River District. The coffee shop is owned by Akera and Alexis Sellers.

“I want to thank our family, friends and community for your outpouring of support and love,” Akera said.
The coffee beans of Brickhouse Gourmet Coffee & Tea Co. and are imported from are hand-picked by farmers throughout the world, from Kilimanjaro in Africa to Oaxaca, Mexico.

Blends, Single-Origins, Organic, and Flavored. Each option is available in Whole Bean, French Pressed, Slow Drip, and Espresso grounds. Gourmet tea options include Herbal, Tisane, Flavored, and Loose Leaf.

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