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Breedlove identical quadruplets, Adelle, Bonnie, Chloe and Daphane, graduating from Lexington County high school, Thursday

The Identical Quads, Adelle, Bonnie, Chloe and Daphane Breedlove are graduating from Spring Hill High School (Chapin) Thursday morning at Colonial Life Arena in Columbia.

The quads are the daughters of Shelley and Eric Breedlove. Shelley is the Media Specialist at Northside Middle School in West Columbia. She said the quads experience, culminating with graduation, has required lots of effort.

Shelley Breedlove, quad’s mother

“We are thrilled to have helped them achieve this much of their journey so far, and we are ready to support them on this next part as well,” Shelley said. “It is very overwhelming to have all of your children graduate at once, turn 18 at once, begin college at once. We are just doing our best everyday to be there for them and support them to the best of our ability as they face new challenges.”

What are the quads’ plans?

“They have all been accepted to the College of Southern Maryland to begin their post-high school journey,” said Shelley. “Adelle and Bonnie are planning to pursue a degree in criminal justice, Chloe is pursuing a degree in radiation therapy, and Daphne is pursuing a degree in veterinary science.”

What are the odds of having quadruplets?

“We have been told several different statistics for the odds of their birth, but the most common statistic is one in 600 million,” Shelley said. “They were the 45th set of naturally conceived identical quadruplets ever born and the first set ever born in Texas.” (Photos by Shelley Breedlove)

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