Augusta Road at Pinecrest Avenue is the intersection with most crashes in March in West Columbia

There were 6 vehicle crashes at the intersection of Augusta Road at Pinecrest Avenue in March, according to data released by the West Columbia Police Department. Click here for WCPD Facebook page

Three other intersections in West Columbia were the site of 4 vehicle crashes. State Street at Augusta Street; Augusta Road at Chris Drive and Augusta Road at Dreher Road recorded 4 collisions in March, according to the WCPD.

There were 26 DUI cases worked by the WCPD in March. That is the highest number in the last 12 months.

There were 110 collisions in West Columbia in March. There 612 traffic stops made in March, with 352 citations issued and 337 warnings issued.

.The WCPD received 3,459 calls for service in March. Suspicious person, 176 calls, was the top reason for a call for service. There were 10 thefts from motor vehicles and 8 of those used no force to get into the vehicle.

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