Attic Lounge opened next door to New Brookland Tavern on State St. in West Columbia

The Attic Lounge has opened next door to New Brookland Tavern 134 1/2 State St. in West Columbia, above State Street Pub. Enter through the front door between State St Pub and the antique store, or through the back entrance to the deck above State Street Pub.

It provides “another space on our block with a unique atmosphere – but for folks who may not want to go to NBT where it can be loud and rowdy. This is a spot to chill,” was posted on Mike Lyons Facebook page. He is the owner of New Brookland Tavern. It will be moving from its space on Sttae Street at the end of December.

The Attic Lounge will be stay where its at regardless of NBT moving for hopefully many years to come, said Lyons.

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