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Airport High School’s Camp Kemo fundraiser kicks off this week

COVID-19 has affected the school year at Airport High School, but it isn’t stopping the school’s most-enduring annual fundraisers.

In its 27th year, Airport’s Camp Kemo fundraiser presents a week of activities both at the school and in the community to raise money to send kids with cancer or blood disorders to summer camp. The charity drive has raised an estimated $500,000 throughout the past two-plus decades. Often, Airport students and teachers spend a day volunteering at the camp.

Past fundraiser event

Below are some fundraising events that will take place this week:

  • Tuesday, March 23: Spend a dollar to take a sledge hammer to a car. Have a lot of stress? Put up a few more dollars for a few more swings!
  • Tuesday, March 23: Hand on a bus. Pay $5 to put your hand on a bus. And yes, people actually pay to do this!
  • Thursday, March 25: A car show is a great way to spend lunch. Students and families pay to enter their cars and trucks in this informal show.

The camp is affiliated with Prisma Health’s Children’s Hospital. In 2019, the school raised more than $56,000.

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