Airport High School teacher recognized as a Distinguished Educator in South Carolina

An Airport High School teacher has been recognized as one of 15 Distinguished Educators in South Carolina by the national nonprofit Next Gen Personal Finance (NGPF.)

Tammi Campbell, who chairs Airport’s Career and Technology Education (CATE) Department and teaches a number of business and finance classes, earned the award for outstanding commitment to professional development in real-world personal finance topics like managing credit, investing, and budgeting. Campbell earned all 12 of NGPF’s available certifications, each of which required her to complete 10 hours of live, collaborative coursework on a key personal finance topic and pass a one-hour certification exam. Campbell’s personal finance certifications include Banking & Budgeting, Behavioral Finance, Career, Consumer Skills, Credit, Cryptocurrency Basics, Insurance, Investing, Advanced Investing, Paying for College, Psychology of Money, and Taxes. 

“Having the opportunity to work with a teacher as energetic and passionate as Tammi Campbell was a privilege,” said Christian Sherrill, a professional development facilitator who facilitated two of Campbell’s certification courses. “We expect a lot from the teachers in these courses because they teach personal finance – one of the most important skill sets for students and adults alike.”

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