40 Airport and Brookland-Cayce High School students qualify for the SC Seal of Biliteracy

Forty Lexington Two high school students qualified for the South Carolina Seal of Biliteracy, an award from the SC Department of Education that recognizes students who have attained proficiency in English and another language by graduation.

Students are recognized for their levels of mastery in testing, with Gold being the highest. The Seal of Biliteracy may appear on the student’s diploma or a separate certificate, and it may include a notation that appears on a graduating senior’s transcript.

Following are the Lexington Two high school students, the language they qualified in, and their testing level of mastery in that language. Some qualified in more than one other language. All of these students are juniors or seniors.

Airport High School 

Spanish: Balentin Cabrera-Diaz (Silver), Yarelin Esquivel licona (Silver), Kathleen Valadez (Silver), Juan Pelayo-Velasco (Bronze), Julyanis De La Cruz Sanchez (Bronze), Yareni Guadalupe Perez Velasquez (Bronze), Marleen Reyes-Cruz (Bronze), Alondra Roldan Garcia (Bronze), Jimena del Pozo Romero (Silver), Lhesly Zepeda-Hernandez (Bronze)

Brookland-Cayce High School 

  • Chinese: Caroline Hoffman (Bronze), Karl Lawson (Silver)
  • French: Leonardo Pignataro (Bronze)
  • German: Leonardo Pignataro (Gold)
  • Italian: Nicoletta Iorio de Marco (Gold), Leonardo Pignataro (Bronze)
  • Latin: Jantz Bryant (Bronze), Giana Del Priore (Bronze), Nicoletta Iorio de Marco (Gold), Norah Kay (Bronze), Dulce Martinez (Silver)

Spanish: Marco Axol-Serna (Silver), William Bautista (Silver), Anette Cordero (Gold), Marely Del Angel (Silver), Aleisha Dominguez (Silver), Genny Gonzales (Silver), Alexey Gutierrez (Gold), Joselin Ixmatlahua Popoca (Silver), Amber Lara-Lopez (Silver), Juan Lopez (Bronze), Danica Lopez Juarez (Bronze), Dulce Martinez (Silver), Wendy Martinez Hernandez (Bronze), Adilene Mujica-Salazar (Silver), Edith Quintero (Silver), Quener Ramirez (Bronze), Romero Vargas Jorge (Bronze), Kennedy Sanchez (Silver), Azucena Velarde (Silver)

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