McGuinn Hybrid Homes part of West Columbia growth


Wade McGuinn, a local builder.

Want to live in a new, hybrid home?

Wade McGuinn has a neighborhood with new homes, and you don’t even have to leave West Columbia to live in one.

Harvest Glen includes 54 houses. It is off of Leaphart Road. It’s a community near everything, from I-26 and Lexington Medical Center to I-20 and downtown Columbia.

Wade is a Brookland-Cayce graduate and McGuinn Homes is investing in the local community.

The company has intensified its marketing strategy. Buy in the next 30 days and get granite counter tops in the kitchen for free.


Very well-built, nice-looking interior.

Want to see how nice these houses are, for yourself? A model home is open daily Monday – Saturday, from noon until 6 p.m.

“We’ve just updated our logo. And we’re stressing that these are healthier homes,” said McGuinn.

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“Our exclusive program ensures that your home is healthier for you and the environment. They are built with energy-efficient features and construction techniques, so that it cost less to operate your home. The houses make life more convenient and comfortable.”

McGuinn said the hybrid home does not require as much dusting and they are sealed so that the affect from allergies is lower.

The utility bill is less than half the cost of what it may be in an older home.


Lower utility bills in healthier Hybrid homes.

The homes are affordable and McGuinn said they appeal to various segments of buyers.

Young professionals are close to entertainment, social and business events and the University of South Carolina. And McGuinn homes incorporate the latest features in technology, including Sonos, the next step in sound advancement. And there is a health and fitness trail surrounding the development.

Older buyers are interested, too.

“Half of our buyers are lateral-move, empty-nesters,” McGuinn said. “They like these homes because they are maintenance-free for 10 years. They can sell their homes that are too big now, and buy one of ours for the same amount or less.”

The front yard is maintained and the back yard is big enough for socializing, but not a lot of trouble to take care of. All of the major-expense items associated with a house have warranties with them, so it will be years before a buyer can expect to pay any replacement costs.

Wade6AMcGuinn said Harvest Glen homes can be built to suit the buyer’s wants, needs and budget. Each home features a garage, exterior brick and stone accents are available.

The houses have stainless steel appliances and can be customized to individual tastes.

McGuinn said if you would like a master suite downstairs, it can be done. Dual masters, or other plans are available,too.

It’s a community that is the next phase of West Columbia’s growth.

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