Fifth-grader’s essay describes love for Saluda River school


Sahrish and Drama Teacher Stephanie Walker. Saluda River is nestled in a neighborhood off of Sunset Boulevard in West Columbia.

Sahrish Ahmad is a fifth-grade student at Saluda River Academy for the Arts in Lexington School District 2. She has written an essay – edited by Terry Ward- about her school, and her experiences there.

Sahrish – who came to Saluda River from another country – also thanked her teachers and principal – for helping her.

“My homeroom teacher, Mrs. (Gina) Kussro, has influenced me,” Sahrish said. “She always helps me if I need it. I also thank my drama teacher Ms. (Stephanie) Walker because I was in The Bobcat Players, I have also appreciated all of the other teachers who have taught me a lot that has helped me. And I want to give special thanks to my principal Ms. (Tonya) Fryer for welcoming me to a whole new world.”

Sahrish recounts the details of her days at Saluda River.

“Saluda River Academy for the Arts is a place to learn and have fun,” said Sahrish.

“We learn how to get better at speaking English the correct way, social studies of American History that I love so much now, decimals, etc.,” are some of the things Sahrish likes about school.

Aside from academics, she said there are other features at her school that make it fun.

“Saluda River is full of adventure,” Sahrish said and talked about being a member of the Bobcat Players.

“I danced before in my other country but never acted on stage before,” she said. “I love to act but I have never acted in front of a lot of people, so that was great. We also cooperated to do our parts. We got to share our thoughts with others. It also improved my English as well. I learned a lot of new words and how to pronounce them.”

Sahrish said she learns in fun, and different, ways.

“We have fun celebrating different days or their themes,” she said, and then described them.

“During Twins Day we dress up like our friends – it was fun. During Differences Day, I learned that there are so many people with disabilities, and to not quit, keep working hard.”

Sahrish said the environment at Saluda River allows her to be comfortable, but it’s challenging.

“Our school lets us be ourselves. Our school expects us to be terrific in our life. We get to participate in different things in our school.”

And the fun extends to after the bell rings.

“We are also given some after school program choices too,” said Sahrish.

Because of her experiences, Saluda River has made a lasting impression on Sahrish.

“This school is the best school I have ever been to in my whole life,” she said. “Fifth-graders will leave this school next year. They will miss this school, but I bet they will take some very, very amazing memories from here.”

Sahrish said she has been motivated at Saluda River, and leaving will not be easy because of the way she feels about her school.

“We will be ourselves; we will do our best next year, she said, “and represent our old beloved school. Saluda River Academy for the Arts. I will miss you a lot.”

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